Our produce

We received our organic certification from Oregon Tilth in the summer of 2018. After that, we started supplying fresh organic vegetables to the Salem area.

Roth’s Fresh Markets, as a famous local chain stores in Marion county, they are concerned about local organic agriculture and are willing to support local organic growers. We currently supply organic vegetables to five Roth’s stores, including West Salem, Vista, Sunnyslope, Lancaster and Hayesville.


Friendly Arm Farm is operated by Oregon Polywell Fruit and Vegetable Inc.

Friendly Arm Farm

Friendly Arm Farm is a newly sprouted farm in Turner, Oregon. Growing certified organic, nutrient dense farm produce to start out with, we are aiming to grow into a fully diversified, mid-sized farm focused on feeding top quality foods to the people of the Mid-Willamette Valley region.

Our focus on feeding people locally is a part of a large commitment to the environment we live in, by only intending to feed people within our local vicinity, we are seeking to reduce our carbon footprint. Taking this farther, any time we can source our supplies from nearby we do. We are further plans to provide environmental services by increasing wildlife habitat around the farm; planting thick riparian buffers around our streams and implementing water conservation projects wherever possible.

This year(2018) we broke ground on 180-one hundred foot long raised garden beds for market vegetable production. Starting next year, we have plans to rotate dozens different vegetable varietals in our raised bed system. From spring salad greens to winter spinach, we hope to become one of your favorite local farm choices for delicious, seasonal, organic produce.